Esso Gas Station

Location: Corner of Mapleview & Bayview – Barrie ON

Project Scope: Landscaping for Gas Station, including major retaining wall, final grading and earth work, all hard and soft landscaping including irrigation.

Molson Courtyard - Georgian College Barrie Drawing

Molson Courtyard

Location: Georgian College – Barrie, ON

Project Scope: Re-design and installation of the Molson Courtyard of the hospitality department at Georgian College to maximise seating as well as to offer versatility for different functions.

The patio was enlarged to just over 1400sq, while the garden area and water feature were located on the perimeter of the courtyard to maximize greater dining space.

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The BBQ area was designed for appeal and functionality to hold chafing dishes on its counter top as well as having hidden storage below the BBQ unit.

Moveable planters were used for eye appeal but also to accommodate space for musicians, plating area or and to offer fresh herbs to the culinary team.

The garden areas were easily accessible for students and staff to gather edible herbs and flowers.

While designing the Georgian Dining Room Courtyard we stayed true to the vistas and mature landscape of the surroundings. The Courtyard is a room in itself and wanted that intimate, contained feel of a room while still blending with its surrounding.

Lighting located throughout the garden, the waterfall and pergolas create an inviting atmosphere with visual impact year round.

The pondless waterfall was set up to be a year round feature requiring very little maintenance once established.

Plantings were well thought out and not over planted but planned for a mature landscape in 3-5 years and larger trees and shrubs to 15 years.

The Georgian Dining Room Courtyard is more than a landscape design, it ignites the senses; the aromas of fine foods combined with the smells of the flowers, the soothing sounds of the waterfall and the majestic views is sure to please all who will visit.[/read]

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